Day 1 – Baseline Stats & Starting Out

Geeze, I’ve got a KILLER headache. Ahhhh withdrawal… interesting reading for a rainy day (like it is here in my corner of the world): “A pounding head is one of the most common, and painful, side-effects of sugar withdrawal…”

What Sugar Withdrawal Feels Like

Yep, got that covered. I like this article a lot because of the different studies it links out to. Follow them to pubmed and check out the research. The more I learn and read about sugar the less I want to have it. Which then makes me remember that, gahhhh, EASTER IS COMING! What are you guys doing to celebrate??! Kiddo is getting bubbles, coloring books and crayons, and maybe a few new books. I’m really fortunate that this is only his second Easter so he won’t know the difference anyway 🙂

So today is DAY 1, my baseline day, to compare against for future wins. I hate talking about my weight, which is ridiculous since everyone knows I am fat. Somehow I think if I keep the actual number a secret it will be like no one can really see how fat I actually am! I know that’s pathetic, so here it goes: I woke up this morning at 200.0 lbs (what are the chances?!) so I am actually 15 lbs higher, not 10 like I originally thought. *sad face* I wish I thought to get my blood taken to compare levels later down the road. Maybe I can make an appointment for that tomorrow. I also measured my waist, and that was depressing. Kiddo is sleeping where my tape measure is, so I took my iPhone charger and wrapped it around me. It just managed to touch, prong to tip. I’m a statistic waiting to happen.

So, here is how my DAY 1 went!

  • Water consumed – 2 14-oz glasses of water (will definitely have at least one more full glass)
  • Breakfast – 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon
  • Snack – pineapple and cantaloupe (I saved the honeydew for Mark, he loves it!)
  • Lunch – Kale salad with sauteed apples (I added chicken)
  • Snack – Pear and almonds
  • Dinner – roasted pork and steamed spinach

Day 1 Food

Mark and I need to head to the store to stock up on healthy food and alternative snacks. Obviously this was a spur of the moment decision so we weren’t very prepared! Maybe you guys can help me… I need a different “go to” for bagels, cheerios, and goldfish crackers for the kiddo. One friend suggested Puffin cereal. I’m looking for any and all ideas… he only has 8 teeth all in the front, so it has to be small, portable, but large enough for a little hand to grab. He’s getting his molars so BONUS if it’s long enough to chew down on.


This is from Filomena last night celebrating Pop-Pop’s 60th birthday. The food was amazing… it is Restaurant Week and we tried everything! In case you’re wondering, yes, that is my mango martini in the background. Cheers!





3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Baseline Stats & Starting Out

  1. Sarah Appleyard says:

    Okay, missy, I know you in real life so I’m gonna say it: you may be 200, but you don’t look 200! And you’re gorgeous so don’t feel sad. But I get wanting to lose weight and if you want more recipes let me know and I’ll trade you cause I have a TON after the past year of losing weight myself.

    On a side note for the little prince, I’ll email you the recipe if I can find it, but you could make him homemade yogurt drops that you freeze and he can eat (if you don’t already). Would probably be good if his teeth are still coming in and you could probably make multiple shapes if you wanted to or like ice cubes that he could naw on.


  2. stephaniewieland says:

    HAHA thanks Sarah! I think being ashamed of how much I weigh is the reason I haven’t been more actively trying to change it. You don’t want to sit there and admit that you weight THIS MANY pounds, because… you know… it’s embarrassing!! hahaha! But I know I’m not alone, so I hope being honest about it myself will want to make my friends and family make healthy changes, too. Sure, I had a few moments of panic before I posted this (LOL) but by not doing it I was blaming myself for my weight issue, when in reality — as the documentary says — that’s what we’ve been manipulated to think. It’s “my” fault that I don’t eat less and exercise more. The truth is, if I didn’t eat food that was created in a chem lab with false advertising for “health,” maybe I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Of course it was always my choice to eat whatever, but I was operating on misconceptions. Now I’m not. 🙂

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  3. Sarah Appleyard says:

    I definitely get that! I was right there with you last year and I still am. But I know the embarrassment. I’ve been anywhere between 200-235lbs my entire life. It’s a killer on the mentality level too. Like you said you blame yourself when really the chemical composition of our brains is being influenced by what we eat and whether we exercise and it’s allowing those inner demons to whisper nasty little things in our minds and tell us it is our fault and we aren’t good enough to do anything about it. But like you said it’s about understanding the truth when it comes to food/exercise and the like and then making smart choices. I love your blog so far by the way haha if you couldn’t tell. I’ll stop being an awkward stalker now. Bye! haha


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