The Ranting of a Sugar-Craving Lunatic

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I WANT S’MORES. And pretzel bites with gooey cheese from the movie theater. And S’MORESSSS….

I have a mild (major?) s’mores obsession.

S’mores were never really a thing we did in my house growing up. I was in the Girl Scouts and on our yearly camping trip there was one night when we sang campfire songs and roasted marshmallows, but that was the extent of my s’mores life. Until I met my husband, who showed me the beauty of the microwave.


What you do is just build your s’more with everything but his top graham cracker hat, microwave for about 30-36 seconds, and then pop the top on and let the melty goodness begin. I even make fake s’mores… I’m not a priss. If I didn’t have marshmallows, I’d use Fluff, if I didn’t have chocolate I’d use Nutella or chocolate chips, and if I didn’t have graham crackers I’d use Ritz crackers. As long as I get my s’mores I am okay with however they come.

Then you throw this whole “no sugar” thing at me and I start to wonder how to build a s’more without… anything. Avocado s’mores? Could I make that work? It just seems so wrong.

It’s Day 2 and my headache is gone, and beside fantasizing about all the marshmallows and chocolate in the world I’m doing okay. Mark and I never made it to the store last night … or tonight, actually… so we’re running on fumes for food around here.


This was my day:

Breakfast: Made two eggs and shared at least one of them with the kiddo. Two slices of bacon. Ok I’m lying, it was more like two and a half.

Snack: Three olives. Don’t ask questions, it was a crazy day at work.

Lunch: Zucchini noodles, tomatoes, and chicken “throw fry” … I cooked the zucchini noodles first, plated, then warmed up my chicken and tomatoes in the same pan. Actually very good, but would have been better with a squeeze of lemon.

Snack: Grapes and almonds.

Dinner: I picked off of Mark’s plate for dinner (chicken, pork, corn, peas), then had a snack of a pear and cashews around 9pm.

My water intake was dismal, but all in all, I DIDN’T EAT SUGAR, so this is what we’re calling… success! A success without s’mores. S’moreless Success. Depressing, but necessary. I’m actually getting very excited to weigh myself!!!!! I know it’s only been two days, but already I feel a lot less bloated. I went to the bathroom a lot which probably helped with that. I’m telling you, man, EAT KALE. It cleans your insides out like a Brillo pad!

Do you guys have any ideas of meals I can make/ food I should buy? I need to get some awesome ideas to keep me interested and going strong. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “The Ranting of a Sugar-Craving Lunatic

  1. Amanda says:

    I love zoodles! Kev and I had homemade tomato sauce with no added sugar, zoodles and beef meatballs. The meatballs were homemade with only beef and spices. Yummy. Or maybe some seasoned ground turkey over lettuce. You could throw in sliced carrots, onions, and other veggies. My last go to is always baked lemon pepper chicken. Keep up the good work!


  2. stephaniewieland says:

    Great ideas, thanks Amanda! I need to figure out what to make tonight… I have some chicken that I froze, so maybe I’ll try to make some healthy magic with that lol. Excited to see you tonight!!!


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