Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ireland and the Irish people are amazing. I’ve been twice and had an incredible time sight-seeing and enjoying the culture. The first time I went was with (what soon became) an awesome group of girls that I call my “Europe friends” in 2007. The second time was on our honeymoon in 2011.

honeymoon in ireland

So cute. 🙂

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to dress up the munchkin. Marissa, my son’s babysitter, took some gorgeous photos of him outside today. Here’s my favorite!


Look at that little jelly belly! He is the cutest.

Now that it’s been a few days I’m definitely in a MUCH better mood. I think my brain chemistry has finally equaled out and I’m not as much of a nut as I was over the last few days. I haven’t craved anything sweet today, which is awesome! I also didn’t eat as much as I have been… I had breakfast around 8:30, then lunch pretty late… after 2pm… and then dinner around 8:30. I’m not saying that’s healthy or whatever, and I was STARVING at dinner, but I was in a pretty great mood and feeling okay despite the long waits.

Here’s what I had.

Breakfast – Another 2-egg day with 3 links of pink

Lunch – Ginormous green salad with a St. Paddy’s inspired chicken salad. I buy rotisserie chicken now, so I chopped some up and mixed it with a whole avocado that my mom gave me. Half a lime and a dash of salt and I was in business.

Dinner – Rounding out my St Paddy’s celebration… potatoes. It’s a sin against good ole St Patrick himself (or not, he probably doesn’t care) but it’s a sin against IRELAND if you don’t have potatoes on St Paddy’s. So I had red-skinned mashed potatoes and these really cool healthy chicken sausage things… it’s al fresco jalapeno? It was amazing.

food st pat

Hope you guys had fun celebrating today! Have a beer for me!


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