(Not) Feeling the Burn… yet

Did you ever notice how you always make time for the things you WANT to do, and never for the things that you don’t? I only did 14 push-ups yesterday, and no physical activity yet today. It’s pathetic.

I was really hoping to be able to sign on this morning and be like, GUYS, I totally rocked out to PiYo (last night/this morning)! It was awesome! Except my little man decided to wake up multiple times last night and I ended up falling asleep on the couch after the last round of getting him back to bed. Did you think that, when my husband dropped him, literally, on top of me at 7:30am and begged to sleep for another hour, my butt was doing anything but surviving until I had to start work at 8:30am?

Yeah, me neither.

Tonight I’m meeting one of my Europe friends out and about, and working on more homework. Grad school is awesome, but it’s time consuming. Of course, though, I always get what I need to get done completed on time. Like I said, all about what you WANT to make time for. GAH!

When I get home tonight, though, I am soooooo going to work out. Really. I’m going to do FIFTEEN push-ups and some … thing. Yoga is my go-to because I love it and it makes me feel great, but it’s not very burn-oriented.

Speaking of, I’m wondering about whether or not I should be feeling the burn. I’m conflicted!

I started this blog because I knew that, even if I didn’t move a single inch, I would lose weight because I wasn’t eating crap anymore. And so far that’s still true. I jumped on the scale this morning and now I’m down 8lbs from my baseline. What I should do is prove that you literally have to change NOTHING ELSE and you will still lose weight just by cutting out sugar and junk. But…. isn’t that obvious?

My super secret goal in this blog is to get all of you to join me on the no-processed food train. HAHA. (Is it working yet?!) If I start working out and losing tons of weight and looking all awesome, will you attribute that to me working out only, and will I lose whatever curiosity you currently have about this whole no-sugar thing and whether or not you should give it a shot?

I’m inclined to think so. I’m the biggest anti-workout person I know, only because I don’t like to move. (Can’t you tell? I just wasted 10 minutes telling you why I didn’t do anything yet this week and it’s Wednesday!!!) However, my other super secret is that I’m in a wedding in one month and my dress doesn’t zipper. :-O  The bride knows… she wants to murder me, I think… but she knows. So I need to be able to zipper the damn dress. And before you say ANYTHING, it fit me in the store, but hubby said it must have been stretched out. As much as I love him, in that moment it was HATE.

OKAY. I’m going to do it. I’m going to work out when I get home tonight. Fifteen push-ups and … something else. Stay tuned!




One thought on “(Not) Feeling the Burn… yet

  1. sarahlappleyard says:

    FEEL THE BURN, STEPH, FEEL THE BURN!!!! Honestly, yeah the burn absolutely sucks, but when you can do about 40 push ups and keep pushing for another 30 minutes, trust me the pain is worth it. You got this, you just need to figure out what works for you. Also, just fyi, DB (which I know I mention a lot, sorry not sorry I’m addicted) has yoga and Pilates if that’s more your style.

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