I may have started around 12:30am, but in my mind it was still Wednesday.


Jillian Michaels. You are a very annoying yet lovely person, and your 30-Day Shred has been the bane of my existence since my husband first brought it to our house a bazillion years ago.

Mark and I were doing this thing like, WELL before I ever got pregnant, and we still never managed to do the whole 10 days of Level 1. I’ve never even seen Levels 2 or 3. HAHA. If they are anything like Level 1, I’m good. There’s way too much knee stuff in that video. Does EVERYTHING have to involve a lunge or a squat, lady?! What gives?!

Regardless, it is done.

And today I’m making new food!!!!!

Wednesday it was a bunch of boring leftovers since I’ve been cooking a lot with only me and the kiddo to eat it. We’re almost done all the good stuff, though, so I’m moving on! On the menu for Thursday is marinated flank steak, the zucchini and sweet potato frittata (I have an evil plan to add breakfast sausage to it), and some sort of chicken dish. If you have any Whole30-friendly chicken ideas let me know!

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday. Only ONE MORE DAY until the weekend!! ❤


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