I Went Rogue

Image from http://nolongernakedrunning.com/tag/walking-after-running/

I put the little man to bed tonight, and started thinking about working out. I could do yoga. That’s always nice, but not really that exciting. Or, I could do Jillian again. She’s good. But then I was thinking… if I do Jillian, I have to do Level 1, and I’m so sick of her outfit in that. Then I heard a small voice whisper “You don’t have to do Level 1. You could do any level you want!”

That voice gets me in trouble a lot.


I can’t even post a picture, okay? I’m a wreck, and my knees hate me. But man, I feel AWESOME right now! I hate working out mostly because all I (usually) feel is yucky and tired, and totally unmotivated to tackle the laundry list of stuff I have to do after. But hot damn if that wasn’t the best 20 minutes I spent today, I don’t know what was. Woo!

Level 2, I’ll see you tomorrow.


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