We made it!

Why hellooooooo April! Good to see your beautiful face in the form of 71 degree weather here in Jersey.

This week has been a tough one, not going to lie. But WE MADE IT! It’s over! Munchkin and I can stay in our jammies until SUNDAY if we want and no one can say anything about it!!!

Here are 3 interesting things I want to share today to close out your week.

  1. WORLD NEWS: If you don’t know anything about global warming, get informed. This article from NASA is RIDICULOUS and everyone should at least glance at it.climatechange
  2. SOCIAL NEWS: Did you fool or get fooled today? Here is what happened today in CNN’s Best and Worst of April Fools 2016.
  3. YOU NEWS:  Smiling strengths the body on a cellular level. When we smile, we reduce the rigidness of our cells, and this physical relaxation can help combat the risk of stress-induced cell mutations that can lead to the development or persistence of various cancers. Learn more from biochemist Shawn Achor’s awesome study here.


See you Monday with my Week 3 results. EEEEK!


Image from Stuff Steph Does blog… so relevant! We should be friends!


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