Week 3 Results!

Total weight loss is 5% in 21 days!

And no, before you think I actually know how to do math, I googled it. 🙂

So YEAH! 10lbs down, a bazillion more to go, but hey… progress is progress, especially when I’m barely working for it!!

I only took one walk this past week and I did some push-ups, but I didn’t exercise like I should have. I did, however, make sure to up my water intake. The hardest thing for me has been walking away from temptation. My body no longer craves sweet things or things that are “bad” for me, but my BRAINNN… ugh, my brain remembers how awesome chocolate fudge cake tastes and wants it when it’s sitting in front of me.

Have you heard of the book SWITCH? My company started a book club and once every few months we’d all read and discuss a team-building/corporate novel. SWITCH actually changed the way I feel about impulse control and the things that drive me as a person. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to. This is the amazon link.


SWITCH talks about your logical brain (the Rider) and your impulsive brain (the Elephant). It’s what drives our decision making as people. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this… that irrational need to have something despite the logical reasons why you shouldn’t, and vice versa, doing something because you know it’s the best course of action even if you feel lackluster about it.

It helps if you picture an elephant — strong, massive, and unpredictable — and a person riding this elephant. In comparison, small, but mostly driven by logic and thinking through issues for rational decision making.

SWITCH talks about how, when we try to implement change in our lives or the lives of others, you need to appeal to both the person’s Rider and their Elephant in order to be successful.

Let’s take an example. Ooooh, for giggles, let’s use my example of chocolate cake.

My Elephant (the impulsive side of my brain) loves chocolate and hates being told that I can’t have it anymore. In fact, the Elephant chafes against things like “rules” and “sugar levels”… she’s like EFF THAT, cake is amazing and I want it now.

My Rider, who understands the reasons why we’re not eating cake anymore, is constantly tugging on my Elephant’s reins to direct us to the veggie tray or salad instead of the dessert table.

I’m sure you have all experienced this in one aspect of your life or another. The desire to play outside instead of finishing homework, or the need to discipline your children instead of laughing like a hyena and encouraging bad behavior. What you KNOW you should do, versus what you WANT to do.

So how do you get everyone on the same page?

SWITCH talks about how you need to appeal to a person’s Elephant but validate your argument through facts in order to help your rider steer him in the right direction. If your Elephant gets out of control and your Rider can’t handle him, you’ll end up face-first in chocolate cake, or at the gym going crazy and burn out. If your Rider is the only one who wants to make a change but your Elephant is happy with the status quo, there is only so much muscle/stamina a guy can use to get an Elephant going where he wants him to. Soon he’ll get exhausted and not be able to direct the Elephant.

The book talks about making small changes — for example, get your Elephant inspired by watching a movie like Fed Up or learning about how popular food is created. (Yes, created. Have you heard that oranges in California are watered with oil wastewater?) Once you get motivated, think about a SMART (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Relevant/Timely) solution. Maybe you won’t eat oranges from California anymore, or maybe there’s an organic alternative.

This is how you make long-lasting change in yourself and in others.

Get SWITCH, it’s a great book! And thank you to everyone who has been so supportive as I continue blogging and posting about my health and wellness. 🙂


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