Disney Princess Auditions Tonight

I’ve been really out-of-sorts this week. Work has been crazy busy, I didn’t have time to shop so I don’t really have great snacks in the house, and — on a personal level — I haven’t been feeling like “myself.”

I think it’s all the stress (you don’t need my list of things I’m stressing over, do you?), and I’m positive it has a lot to do with me not taking care of *ME* and doing *ME* things. I’m telling you, working from home is nice, but it’s also hard… I don’t socialize with real people in the flesh, so it’s hard for me to do normal things … like interpret feelings through your written words. Or shut my mouth. Or not curse out morons. Or, I don’t know, stop myself from turning that ant hill into Mt. Everest.

It’s a real #firstworld problem. Excuse me while I whine about how privileged I am.

Anyway, I said to hell with my diet while I’m in this whiny, PMS stage. Until I can get to the store tomorrow morning (munchkin in cart)… or maybe Sunday… I’m not mentally capable of caring.

So, little man and I had pancakes for breakfast this morning with borrowed scrambled eggs made with real butter and milk (instead of my standard EVOO) and for lunch he ate chicken, peas and corn, pasta, and fruit. Dinner was a mish-mosh, as per usual, so we were footloose and fancy free with a frozen Bertolli meal. He didn’t eat it, and honestly my stomach can’t handle food like that anymore, so Buddy enjoyed more of it than either of us did.

Now that my mister is asleep, however, I am going to brave the wrath of the stomach gods and open up a bottle of the wine I got for being an A+ bridesmaid. Then I am going to watch a chick flick and feel sorry for myself.

….Oh, isn’t that what everyone does when they feel like crap and don’t care anymore? lol

Enjoy your night, and enjoy your weekend, you crazy kids. I’ll be in the same clothes I’ve been wearing for the last two days, drunk and laughing along with some stupid Hallmark movie. Or maybe I’ll be really cool and watch a Disney movie. The kid’s not interested yet, so someone’s got to keep the magic alive. And I’m just the girl to do it.




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