Countdown to Baby

Right now I’m obsessed with the idea of having another baby.

I know, certifiable.

But I’ll tell you one thing… it’s motivation for me to make great choices, since (hopefully soon!) I will be eating for two!

Markypants had an MRI today and it was an emotionally draining day. Add to that, they had Trump’s inauguration playing in the waiting room. Like, don’t you assholes know that having my baby under anesthesia is enough stress, then you have to add that?!

Anyway, I’m celebrating my (hopefully last) non-pregnant month with digiorno, wine, and way too many selfies. I was miserable and I thought … what the hell. Let’s put on some makeup and filter our life so that people think we’re awesome. Rock on.

Reality: this wine is kind of gross, yep, those are blemishes you see on my face, and the first one where I look crazy is probably the most true to life shot. HAH!!

Filter. filter. filter.

I’m blogging tonight for the first time in a while because, with my upcoming preggo status, I’m going to be needing to get on here and keep myself accountable. I had a really bad pregnancy on my first go-round and — even though the doctors said there’s nothing I could have done to prevent it (which I think they feel like they HAVE to say, because, come on, my baby is 3lbs in effing NICU, I’m a mess… you’d have to be a monster to tell a new mom that) — so, BESIDE that, I am determined that this time I am going to be the absolute perfect pregnant lady. I’m going to take all my prenatal vitamins (started them a week ago, yay fish burps *ugh*) and I am going to eat healthy and get lots of water and basically make my body the best bakery a bun could spend a 9-month cook time in. Soooo that’s the plan. Today is Day 0.5 of Shark Week, so that means I have 2 weeks to get going before we start trying. YAY!

Right now I’m around 211 lbs, maybe a little higher. I’d like to get back into ONEderland before Show Time, so let’s see how well we do! Tomorrow my sis-in-law and MIL are coming to stay, so we’ll do the usual here tomorrow night and Sunday, then Monday we’re in business. This weekend will be spent prepping and cleaning and getting everything ready for DAY 1 OF PREGNANCY DIET. Wish me luck! ❤


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