Feeling: Accomplished!

I threw out the chocolate syrup in the fridge that’s been taunting me for the last few weeks, and I made myself a huge jug of unsweetened peach iced tea to sub out for water when I need a “sweet” fix.

I also finally discovered the wonder that is Lu La Roe leggings and NEED ALL OF THEM IN EVERY COLOR RIGHT NOW! haha

I swear, I could live in these. And for those of you who say leggings are not pants (and yes, I see your point, because I do look kind of weird right now), I reply with this…

Image result for meme kick jeans leggings


I also deactivated my Facebook and messanger, and asked for no more notifications on anything. I unsubscribed from about 15 junk mailers (I’m looking at you, Zazzle) and cleaned out all of my inboxes.

I’ve decided life is too short to hate everyone over politics, so I’ve asked my husband to start job searching in England. They have some pretty kick ass soccer teams on the eastern side of the globe and who doesn’t love a “cuppa” now and then? I could definitely buy into the 24/7 tea drinker lifestyle! Plus, Harry Potter lives there and that would be amazing.

And even MORE great news!

My mother (the most wonderful woman on the planet … even if she doesn’t know that Mexico is one of our largest trade partners…) ordered me a pair of new running shoes! They are awesome, check ’em out!



I don’t run, or even exercise really, but I could now! Look at those babies! They are the Brooks Glycerin 14. I had to size up ridiculously for them (I usually wear a 7.5W in normal shoes, and the sneaks were a 9W) but these are amazing. So plushy it’s like you’re walking on supportive clouds.

Writing has also been going very well. I imagine that writing would be a lot easier if I was allowed to be drunk for it because I wouldn’t care – I’d give myself tons of leeway to make mistakes and just go for it. Typically I’m way too uptight to be carefree and creative. But I’ve been chipping away at a new concept and it’s been really fun. I love the start I’ve got on it, and I’m hopeful that with the right attitude I can make it something worth reading.

Being positive and upbeat is great because it makes YOU feel great, even when you’d rather … not be. So go for it! What’s going well for you on this lovely Monday?


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