Hellooooo, February!

Ah, today is the day! Such hope! Such wonder! Such… headaches. 🙂

You would think I would be used to this by now, but yeah, I’m not. I’ve even had two cups of black coffee to try to counteract the agony of sugar withdraw, but so far, it ain’t helpin.

Whyyyy is sugar so bad, yet so good?!

It’s February 1st, which means I’ve run out of excuses why I can’t start being healthy. Ergo, here I am. I’ve also run out of excuses for other things, too. Like, my kid is mostly self-sufficient… he can “tell” me when he wants things, he plays really well with his toys without much participation from me, and he’s aware of his surroundings so I don’t have to watch him as much to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. He’s a little man now, which means that while he’s playing, I should be doing productive things.


I’ve recently chucked one of my most horrible timesuck habits and have been Facebook-free for 2.5 days now. It’s been great because I don’t constantly waste time stalking people or looking through a boring news feed. I hate to say it, but as nice as it (was/is) to keep tabs on everyone else’s comings and goings, I’m starting to just not care any more. After 10 – TEN!? – years of social media, I’m kind of over it.

I will, however, miss broadcasting my life and business for the world to see. Though I’m sure my husband will not miss that at all.

So helloooooooo February! Eating well, no social media distractions, thinking about life and what to do with it, and slowly crawling out of the winter hole I’ve been living in… cuddled up with hot cocoa and snacks while it’s been cold and miserable out. I’m heading back to Greensburg in a few months and I can’t wait to see my peeps! Hopefully by then I’ll be sharing some great news and enjoying a new purpose. ❤





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