Better days are on the way, my friend…

I’m feeling a LOT better today! It actually happened last night, sometime around 6:30pm everything just kind of slid right back into place. My recovery time (ie, withdraw from bad food) seems to be getting shorter every time I fall off the wagon… then climb back on. In one way, it’s promising to me because it means that in my “in-between” times, I must not be nearly as bad as I used to be on a normal day.

So, let’s call that progress!!

Today I’m trying to eat up all the leftovers from our fridge to make room for fresh fruits and veggies. I had a ton of vegetables that I bought with all the best intentions, but when I’m bad, there’s no such thing as “food budget” or “no takeout.” Nope. So, I’m slowly working my way through the things that are still good and clearing out what didn’t make it during my downtime.

Over the weekend I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes to spice up my food life. Every time I get back on my Eating Well High Horse, I tend to make the things I remember liking from before… like braised beef (YUM), lemon chicken, and strawberry spinach salad. I need to mix up my routine to keep things moving… especially if I’m going to be doing this for all of my (currently theoretical) pregnancy!

Do you have any great recipes I should try? I’m always looking for ideas, especially for things that are Whole30 approved!


(Sidenote: does anyone recognize the Point of Grace lyric in the title?!)




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