Weekend Roundup!

This weekend has been a blast.

First, I didn’t have to work (like I thought I did), so I got to go to Rehoboth Beach with my mom, sister, and niece to celebrate my mom’s birthday. We ate, we shopped, we laughed, and spent +12 hours just enjoying each others’ company. It was an amazing day. We even got to see the ocean!

The best part? I didn’t go off my plan, and I wasn’t even tempted despite the many awesome things that crossed our path… like the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under at Outback lol.

I even picked up some new jeans for myself that actually fit, and tossed those jeggings I mentioned I’ve been wearing constantly. It was a great goodbye, as they have long since served their purpose.

I also found out we have some amazing things on the horizon for us!

  • MOM-MOM IS COMING!!!! AHHH!!! I CANNOT WAIT! She’ll be here for Easter in time to see my amazing bod (BAHAHA) … more motivation if there was ever any. The last time she saw Mark she called him fat, and he’s still upset LOL
  • My nephew is going to be Christened in the Catholic church at the end of April!
  • Easter is going to be at Jenny’s again, and I can’t wait to celebrate her favorite holiday 🙂
  • Michelle’s birthday party is next weekend, so we get to celebrate her being an old fart just like me *evil cackle*
  • Aunt Nanea and Uncle Johnny are coming up to celebrate birthdays with us, and it will be GREAT to see them again! It’s been a while!

…is there anything else? I’m sure there is, I might just not be catching it all right here. OH YEAH! The Flyers are NOT in the playoffs, so my husband’s summer will be starting early this year! Woohoo!

I made that amazing roast again the other night and have been steadily devouring it. My son had two huge pieces himself today for lunch!! It’s a major win over here. I took some pics to catch up since I didn’t do that last time. I cooked it a little longer, and I also picked up rosemary. I had to used some good ‘ole fashioned thinkin’ on timing it again, since I broke the brand new meat thermometer I bought specifically for this purpose. UGHHH.

Today, we woke up bright and early, got dressed, and headed over to see Michelle’s new house and “help” her paint! We didn’t help… in fact, we probably hindered more than helped… but it was so great to see the place and spend time with her!

Now….. off to work on my book, then later, singing Happy Birthday to Mimi with a homemade birthday cake from my niece and nephew, the chefs! Later, the hubs and I are going to snuggle and rent a movie. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the rest of your day! ❤


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