It’s a wrap!

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and we’re calling it! GAME OVER! This week has been rough, so I’m thankful it’s finally done.

In case you’re wondering, I did well on my goals – worked out (ie, pushups and situps) a few times this week and I’m looking forward to some warmer weather so we can get outside for family walks! I bought prenatal gummies so I can start loading up on all that good stuff, and I drank more water (though did not make my goal).

I’ve had some stumbles this week… I ordered the FARMHOUSE SALAD from Saladworks (which is now officially a favorite) and I ate everything… it was sooo amazing.


Probably shouldn’t have done that.

I also made chicken marsala last night for dinner since my mother in law was over, and ate teriyaki chicken for lunch to celebrate a coworker’s last day at the company. Teriyaki and Marsala wine are not on this plan lol.

But, I did have some successes. I said “no” more than once to sweet treats, ate salad at McDonalds one night and chose the Boathouse Daily Greens drink over a Shamrock Shake. So hey, it could be way worse. 🙂

This weekend is going to be busy but lots of fun. It’s Michelle’s birthday so we’re heading over there to celebrate on Saturday night with some friends. On Sunday we’re seeing Mimi and Pop-Pop, and bringing Italian Rum cake and some cupcakes for the kids.

We had some snow today, and now – only a few short hours later – it’s like it never happened at all. Hello, global warming.

My last update for today is that I BOUGHT MOANA ON DVD last night!!! I can’t wait to actually watch it!!!


Hope you all have an amazing weekend! ❤


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