I hope you are all staying warm during Winter Storm Stella today! We’ve been having a very cozy day at my house… my son slept in (which meant that we all got to sleep in!) and work has been a steady stream of catastrophes that we’re plugging through. I love this time of the day when my son and my husband are home… it’s so quiet, with the two of them napping, my faithful furry friend on his bed in my office as I work, snoring away.


We’re two weeks in now, and things are still going well! I didn’t gain or lose, which is okay … maintaining this week was good considering that I didn’t really make a super great effort in sticking to the plan. So I’ve still got 13 to go and a month left to do it in. All in all I think I’m on track!

This weekend was great, and I had some great food at The Red Hen in Swedesboro to celebrate my Mom and Dad’s birthdays. The beet salad and roasted pork shoulder with grilled vegetables is AMAZING! Lobster ravioli in blush sauce also happened at our table, as did the Bourbon chicken skewers. My nephew ordered the chicken and waffles which was interesting, and everyone loved the wings and potato skins we got as appetizers. Everything was great… Try it if you get the chance!


Work is crazy right now, so I’m going to be MIA while I work on 5 really high priority projects that all need to launch within the next few days. I’ll be surprised if I don’t totally burn out.

SPEAKING OF….. I am going to do the unthinkable (for me) and try to nap. I’m so tired, and if I have to be up all night working I might as well get some rest while I can.

Enjoy the rest of your day! ❤



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